Groupbuy Updates

Geekark BOW + Accents

Round 1 (January)

Replacements have been shipped to our warehouse, and we will begin fulfillment the week of July 9.

If you would like to update your address, please fill out the form below. Please use the order number that was used to purchase Geekark BOW R1. Deadline to update your address is July 9.

Round 2 (March/April)

Nearing end of production. Assembly and shipping to occur relatively soon.
ETA Late July 2021

Arctic Deskmat

Shipping via ⛵, estimated to take 1-2 months.
ETA Early August 2021

Wave Deskmat

Awaiting for production, in queue. 
ETA October 2021

Geekark Dolch

We are beginning to finalize kitting for pricing to be the most optimal, and cover as many layouts as we can. Production of samples and prototypes for both keycaps, full kits, and new boxes with custom branding are underway.

For updates within Geekark Dolch, please check out the website for more information.

ETA Late July/Early August Groupbuy

Geekark Selenities

Kitting is finalized, currently discussing pricing and will be published soon. 

ETA Late July/Early August Groupbuy

SP-Star Meteor White

Pre-order live early July. Around 20,000 switches will be on pre-order, while the rest will be in-stock (May be included with in-stock drop, we will see the circumstances of when delivery will occur and update. If the shipment does not arrive in time, in-stock will be released at a later date once pre-order shipments are completed.

ETA Late July/Early August

In Stock Updates

We will be releasing our first in-stock drop late July, due to waiting for Geekark BOW R2 shipment to be recieved (previously June). Click here to learn more about what we will be releasing.