For Geekark BOW/Accent R1 Participants:

Hello all! Hope you are doing well.
It is unfortunate to say I have gotten multiple reports of crooked stems for some keys in the base kit, and just gotten another confirmation that it affected this batch.



This issue has occurred due to a human error in manufacturing, as a mold factory operator removed partitions on the new molds and installed them back on incorrectly without notice. With the installation being incorrect, the molds were shifted causing the stems to be slightly crooked in numerous cluster of keycaps. Without notice, no one was alerted and production had started. The issue of crooked stems were not seen until mounted on a board, as customers of domestic orders that were affected alerted Geekark on April 14 of the issue.

This is a very rare occurrence, and has never happened before. There are no other issues with the keycaps, as quality assurance is perfect and has been met with no warp and perfect dye-sub.

The issue is now resolved as the mold is now fixed, and replacements are currently being manufactured urgently.

Geekark is producing replacements are free of charge, and your whole order will be corrected and shipped to you. You are free to keep your current set, and do not need to show any proof of defect with your order.

The replacements are expected to arrive in the middle of May 2021.
Once arrived, I will create a duplicate order and notify you of the order, and will also include tracking for shipping once shipped. Replacements will also include some extras to recompense for the delay.

I myself (Sam) and Wenruo (Geekark) greatly apologize for what has happened, although we hope to provide full-after service by providing full free replacements and will be in touch with you whenever.

There is no other issues after this issue being resolved, so we hope the replacements will be a great example for what Geekark has to offer, with our other sets in the future.

Thank you for keeping trust in us, as our number one priority is to provide affordable products with premium quality.

Best regards,