Hello everyone! 

I am glad to announce that our very first in-stock drop will be occurring during late September. A further time and date will be announced when we are good to go. Here is what will be included in the release. The in-stock release was delayed due to waiting for BOW, which is finally arriving with GB orders being fulfilled soon.

- Geekark PBT BOW
- Geekark PBT BOW Accent Kits

- SP-Star Polaris Gray (Linear PC 67g)
- SP-Star Polaris Purple (Tactile PC 67g)
- SP-Star Cyber (GID Linear PC 62g)
- SP-Star Starry Night (GID Linear PC 62g)

- (If shipment arrives in time) SP-Star Meteor White (Linear Nylon 58g) 

- Durock V2 (Clear/Smoky Black)

- Krytox 205g0 (5ml)

- Deskey Films (White/Black)
- Switch Puller
- Lube Station

There will also be international shipping for all these items, via DHL Express.

Scheduled to release later in the Summer as in-stock.
- Geekark Dolch [In-stock after International GB]
- Geekark WOB
- Geekark Grayscale + Retro
+ Keycap Sets TBA
+ Switches TBA

This page may be updated for additional items.

Thank you all for your support, hoping to continue throughout this year providing the best of service and releases.